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Cars in your mind,
As you wake from your dreams.
Stumble awake and select first gear.
The usual stuff and select second gear.
Head to the kitchen,
For the first brew of the day.

The kitchen's a garage.
There's a gearbox on the table.
Spanners in the drawers,
Practical Classics near the kettle.
The TV on and it's Jaguar Land Rover.
Brand new plant in Wolverhampton.

Then on with the overalls,
Be it Rover, Ford or other.
Time to fix the classic,
That's broken down a good one.
Another brew and off you go.
To do a Top Gear or an Edd China.

To your surprise you do discover,
The son of a bitch tool flies again this summer,
And you curse with all the good mechanic explicits.
Living in the classic car world.
It was your discision.
And do you regret it? No.

The shows you do,
The cars you see,
The Austins and Minis,
And the occasional Ferrari,
And you'll be there in your own bit of history.
Be it pristine, everyday or a mystery.

And so you lose the Saturday morning,
Fitting a gearbox that's just not playing.
In for a brew and catch part of quali,
Then lose half an hour as F1 stops you playing.
Back out for the rest of the day,
And the classic's fixed you hope and pray.

In for dinner and Wheeler Dealers,
Find out the F1 pole sitter.
Then into the car manual you dig furiously,
As the Lexus advert appears on telly.
Preparation for the show tomorrow.
Then go to bed as you'll be up with the sparrow.

Sunday comes and here's to the show.
Dig out the polish and a picnic to go.
Dream of a breakdown that just won't happen.
Breakfast is hurried and you're out like a rabbit.
Show bound and over,
Hit the roads like its now or never.

On the way you feel eyes watching.
Looks of alienation!
Shock! Horror!
It's an old banger!
Deal with it young juniors,
In your cars of plastic blocks.

Then the show gets closer,
And you begin to spot,
Rovers in convoy,
The odd Morris and what not,
And suddenly the roads are alive
To a classic car jive.

And that is why you remember so,
Why the classic car world appeals to you so.
History that moves you.
That shows real joy.
When cars were made not with robots.
But with real human hands.

And made to enjoy motoring.
I've been raised in the classic car world virtually all my life and so I've been challenged by a friend to include as many car related things (like parts, tools, manufacturers, tv presenters, car shows etc) in a poem.

I can do better, but this one was more about what the classic car world means to me in terms off attending classic car shows and trying to get the car ready in time after a mechanical problem!

'Practical Classics' is a classic car magazine in the UK. Edd China is a presenter of the show 'Wheeler Dealers'. And 'Top Gear', well it's itself (ambitious but rubbish).

The car in the image is of my Dad's everyday classic runner, Lady Grey, at a classic car show in Manchester. She's going to be painted pink soon. (I'll post a pic) She is a 1966 factory registered Rover 2000.
artluvr4life Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice poem:)
RoverGirl Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanx :)
artluvr4life Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome:)
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